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Fence Panels, Garden Fence Panel
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Welcome to Dekesas Fence Panel Inc.
Manufacturer of Temporary Fence Panel, Portable Fence Panels, Welded Fence Panel, Chain Link Fence Panel, Security Fence Panel, Galvanized Fence Panels. Aluminum Fence Panels, Horse Fence Panels, Cattle Fence Panels.
Fence Panels, Fencing Panel ,Wire Fence Panel, Field Fence Panels, Garden Fence Panel

Security Fence Panels!

The fence panel’s principle role has always been providing barrier and security for various sites and events.

In this web site, Dekesas Fence Panel Inc. has illustrated wire mesh fence panels for directly for various uses.

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Fence Panels, Garden Fencing, Trellis Panels, Fencing, Trellis, Manufactured By Dekesas.

All fence panels of many styles are available in galvanized steel, plastic coated steel and aluminum. The fence panel fabrics have many patterns. They may be chain link type, welded wire mesh opening, expanded metal diamond shaped or palisade type with spikes. Fence panel topping can be barbed wire tape or razor wire concertina for medium and high security.


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Dekesas is renowned for manufacturing high quality fencing panel products. Our fence panels are constructed from only the high quality steel and aluminum metal. Whatever your fencing needs, we have fencing products that are for your choice.

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To get started importing fence panels from Dekesas, you just need to send an email, together with your detail requirements such as fence materials, fence length and height, accessories you need and the destination port. Dekesas fence panels are well sold to fence installation companies, landscape contractors and other distributors and wholesalers in UK, Australia, the USA, Italy, Ukraine and other countries.

Field Fence & Garden Fence Panel


We have field fence of various manufacturing styles for perimeters, cattle and horses feeding. Made of electric wire fence or knotted wire fence in graduated mesh openings.

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